Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Small Wrists? Which Tough Watch Can You Wear?

Do you have small wrists? For example, a circumference of 4 and 3/4? That’s pretty small for most watches made today. Quite a few women have this complaint especially if they want to wear the military or field type watches.

What they are finding is that their wrists are too small for the military type watches. The complaint is that the face of the timepiece hangs over their wrist or basically looks like a platter overshadowing a saucer where there is nothing showing, but the watch face. This is not very appealing and it can be rather difficult to conceal it.

Some women have taken to wearing kids’ watches to compensate for not being able to find watches that will accommodate their small wrists. 

When asked this question regarding what watches are suggested that would fit the smaller wrists, most watch enthusiasts had some great suggestions, but also understood that the consumer may still have to put up with the fact the watch may be larger than they want, but won’t be an issue to where it may become unsightly or too heavy for the wrist.

Some women have complained that since they have become adults they are not very interested in wearing kids watches, but rather have a watch in the adult class that fit their needs. The features they are looking for include:
  • women’s style watch
  • thin band about 1 cm in width (So the watch will be in proportionate to their wrists)
  • metal or chain band
  • most importantly, it should have a small watch face
This shouldn’t be hard to find, but have you noticed that the watch faces are getting larger and not smaller? Some of the watches suggested for women with small wrists include the following:
  • JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) the suggestion is made because the watches may be smaller because of the slight build of the consumers.
  • Vendors: Seiko, Citizen, Timex, Orient and Archimede all known for making smaller size watches for various wrist sizes.
  • Vintage watches that were made earlier (i.e., Gruen or Timex electric), but now could be picked up considerable less and then refurbished which may cost a little bit more.
  • Any tough watches will also build a watch to specifications and needs.
Although, today’s popular watches may not have the one for your needs, there are other alternatives and choices.  Despite having small wrists there is a military or field watch available for you. Keep in mind that a small watch face means readability may become a factor because numbers, etc. may be too small to distinguish.

Monday, February 25, 2013

New In

Buenos dias chicas!! que frío hace por Madrid!! ¿Qué tal vuestro Fin de Semana? el mío bien pero un poco resfriada : ( el post de hoy lo quiero dedicar a enseñaros las últimas cositas que me he comprado algunas de últimas rebajas y otras de nueva colección : ) Lo que más me gusta es el anillo dorado con corazón de Aristocrazy la falda estampada con volante queda genial!! pronto me la vereis : ) Os mando un beso fuerte y os deseo un feliz día. Gracias por leerme!!


Good morning girls!! Today´s post I show you the new things that I´d bought. Someone of new collection and others of sales. Love my new leopard print skirt and the gold heart ring. You can see them soon on on my blog : ) 

Next post I will talk about the best toughest watches. What kind a tough watch suitable for a women like me.  Kisses and nice day!!

Thanks for reading!! : )

Falda /skirt: Zara (new collection) 
Jeans: Zara (new collection)
Anillo/ring: Aristocrazy 
Bolso/Bag: Zara (Rebajas 15.99 eruos) 
Sandalias/Sandals: Zara (Rebajas 9.99 euros) 
Camisa cuadros/Plaid shirt: Zara (Rebajas 7,99 euros) 


Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Buenos días chicas!!hoy me apetecía hacer un post con una lista de deseos, bien para daros ideas para regalos, ideas para comprar en rebajas o simplemente ideas para daros un capricho : ) Algunas de ellas son cosas que he incluido en mi carta de Reyes Magos, hasta ahora pedir es gratis ¿no?   : ) 

A pesar de que pasen los años siempre que se acerca el día de Reyes no puedo evitar sentirme ilusionada me encanta hacer y recibir regalos y creo que para todos es una noche mágica : ) 

He recibido bastantes mails en los que me preguntais dudas sobre Sheinside, asique os cuento también por aquí por si algunas más teneis dudas : ) Los pedidos tardan bastante, es una de las pegas que tiene Sheinside, más o menos desde que os mandan el mail de confirmación con el número de pedido de tres semanas a un mes asique tranquilas porque os llegarán vuestras cositas, cuando llegan es super emocionante! : P En cuanto a calidad y clones de Zara, he de deciros que las prendas son excatas a las de Zara pero de calidad un poco inferior aunque aceptable y muy bien conseguidas, por ello es más barato : )

Os deseo un feliz día de Reyes que os traigan muchas cosas y disfruteis con vuestra familia!! 
Miles de besos!!